Still Using Windows Vista or Office 2007? Here is why you shouldn’t!

As of April 2017, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Vista and Office 2007, much like they did Windows XP and Office 2003 in April 2014, what this means to customers is that they will no longer receive updates (other than in extreme cases where a compromised machine may harm other, newer systems on a network, such as the recent WannaCry incident), which means that for the most part, any security vulnerabilities in Vista and Office 2007 will remain vulnerable. These vulnerabilities mean that it would be easier for a virus or other attacker to infect or access a machine, whilst it may be inconvenient to a home user that their system has been compromised or rendered unusable, it could be potentially disastrous to a small business if their computers were affected.

However, not being supported doesn’t just affect how secure your computer is, it may also mean that programs and devices you buy from other companies may not install correctly on your system, whether that’s because they require a newer Windows feature not present on Vista or possibly just the preference of the manufacturer.

If you are still using a Windows Vista machine, I strongly recommend considering replacing your computer. Whilst in theory it may be possible to upgrade to a later version of Windows (it may even be possible to buy and Install Windows 10 onto a machine from the latter part of Vista’s life) the cost of doing so isn’t usually justifiable considering the prices of more powerful modern computers and laptops in comparison to the computers available within Vistas life span, especially the earlier years of Vistas availability.

Please keep in mind that Vista was released November 2006 and Office 2007 was released in January 2007, so both products have had 10 years of development time and updates applied to them, to software which is no longer available to the public (and rapidly declined in availability since 2010), and considering the average home user only keeps a computer for around 5 years (businesses and enthusiasts tend to be more like 3 years), it’s no longer justifiable for Microsoft and other companies to dedicate resources to such an old operating system.

With that, I’d like to offer a (somewhat) fond farewell to Windows Vista, it wasn’t Microsoft’s finest hour, but it was an operating system ahead of its time and sadly the specification of the average consumer when it launched, but it had some interesting concepts which ultimately matured with the release of Windows 7.

If you would like any advice on upgrading your PC or Laptop which is still running Windows Vista or Office 2007 please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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